Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Thomas D. Jay Joins Guidepoint Global, February 18, 2014

Thomas D. Jay is now an advisor with Guidepoint Global. Guidepoint Global is a primary market research network that delivers critical insight to business and investment professionals via on-demand interactions with a global network of subject matter experts.  Guidepoint Global offices are strategically located in New York, London, Singapore, Shanghai and Hong Kong.  Mr. Jay joined Guidepoint Global on January 23, 2014.

As a Guidepoint Global Advisor Mr. Jay advises clients on the advanced technologies utilized in the manufacture of today's "smart" semiconductor electronic products. He provides consulting expertise in technology marketing and analysis to corporate level managers and financial industry analysts. In addition to consulting Mr. Jay actively traded technology and energy stocks on the NASDAQ and NYSE/Euronext exchanges.  He previously served as Director of Marketing for Veeco Instruments, Inc. and as Sales and Operations Manager for KLA-Tencor/Prometrix. His semiconductor industry expertise extends to ion source technology, optical and ebeam lithography, ion implantation, deposition, ion beam etch, photoresist processing, robotic automation, AFM, confocal, FPP and thin fllm metrology. His professional blog commentary on the semiconductor, nano-technology and capital investment community brings focus to the critical economic and engineering issues challenging the extension of Moore's Law.

Known as the "great explainer" Mr. Jay is recognized for his ability to communicate complex technologies and concepts in a format consumable for a wide range of audiences. This critical skill set enables him to monitor, report and comment on the development, commercialization and transfer of new and emerging technologies in support of advanced semiconductor manufacturing, while assessing the resulting impact on the consumer electronic markets and broader based economy.  Mr. Jay is a frequent participant and contributor to industry webinars and forums inhabited by the brain trust of the world's leading technology companies. He is quoted as saying: "I think there's tremendous synergy created empowering industry and the media with evolutionary technology while enabling a global communications presence for the average consumer."  For additional information, visit and

Thomas D. Jay
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