Thursday, November 7, 2013

Florida's Governor Rick Scott and the Space Coast Economic Development Commission Announce Expansion of Embraer S.A.'s Business Jet Manufacturing in Melbourne

High High technology manufacturing is integral to Brevard County Florida's economy. On Friday October 29, 2013,     TDJ Technology Group provided special media coverage of an event hosted by the Space Coast Economic Development Commission. The EDC and regional political leadership welcomed Florida Governor Rick Scott and Embraer S.A. President and CEO Frederico Curado to make an important announcement. Ebraer S.A. is a Brazilian aircraft manufacturer with a major presence in the United States and intends to expand its facilities in Melbourne Florida where it currently employs 260 aerospace workers and customer service staff. The announcement celebrates Embraer's plan to expand its local manufacturing to include its newly developed Legacy 450 and 500 series business jets. The project will create 600 new jobs and add 250,000 square feet to Embraer’s facilities in Melbourne.  A new Engineering and Technology Center is planned to open in the second half of 2014.

The Space Coast Economic Development Commission is a Brevard County group of industry professionals who have teamed with community leaders and Florida's Governor Rick Scott to enhance the economic growth of the region. The commitment by Embraer exemplifies the confidence many have in the community, heavily weighted with aerospace and technology companies employing scientists, engineers and information technology professionals.  Brevard County Florida is a home to the NASA space program and many aerospace defense contractors.   Governor Scott acknowledged that the termination of the space shuttle program and more recent sequestration of federal funding has had a marked impact on the local aerospace and technology based economy.

I spoke with Lynda Weatherman, President and CEO of the Space Coast Economic Development Commission and Andy Anderson, Chairman of the Brevard County Board of Commissioners.  Both spoke to the urgency and commitment echoed by county political leadership to revitalize the local economy.  The economic recovery here has been slower than anticipated and challenging.  The announcement by Embraer S.A. is the result of community teamwork and a yet to be approved incentive package fomented by the EDC, local political leaders and Governor Scott.  The incentive package must be approved within 180 days but given the enthusiastic support by the region, expeditious approval is anticipated.   The special announcement joined by Governor Scott speaks to the confidence and broad based support for this project. Revitalization of the Brevard County economy is an on-going concern with Embraer S.A. marking an important inflection point in this effort.

Additional TDJ Technology Group media coverage of this Space Coast Economic Development Commission event can be found on the Thomas D. Jay YouTube Channel.

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Special thanks to Julie Roslin, Business Manger at the Space Coast Economic Development Commission.

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